What Do All These Lights Mean?

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Trying to understand your warning, safety and other lights can be difficult and sometimes stressful, but we've got your back here at Oak-land Ford Lincon.

These lights aren't always a warning to indicate a failure, but you can often tell by the characteristics of the light. If the light is bright red or yellow, and is either flashing or staying solid it means the issue needs addressing ASAP. However, the dash also has many green and blue lights that indicate normal features that are operating.

Get to know what all of these lights mean so you can take action in the most effective and efficient way.

Warning Lights Related to Vehicle Engine Health (Most Urgent)

Check Engine Warning Light 1
Engine Temperature Warning Light 1
Master Warning Light 1
Powertrain Fault Warning Light 1
Transmission Temperature Warning Light 1
Reduced Power Warning Light

Warning Lights for Vehicle Operation & Health (Requires Attention)

Battery Charge Warning Light 1
Tire Pressure Warning Light 1
Power Steering Warning Light 1
Automatic Gearbox Warning Light 1
Oil Change Warning Light 1
Brake Pad Warning Light 1
Brake Fluid Warning Light 1 1
Side Airbag Warning Light 1
All Wheel Drive AWD 4WD LOCK Warning Light 1
All Wheel Drive AWD 4WD Warning Light 1
Anti lock Breaking System ABS Warning Light 1
Service Vehicle Soon Warning Light 1
Trailer Tow Hitch Warning Light 1

Indicator Lights for Overall Vehicle Function (Not a Warning)

Airbag OFF Warning Light 1
Key Not in Vehicle Indicator Light
Cruise Control Indicator Light
Eco Driving Indicator Light
Low Beam Indicator Light
High Beam Indicator Light
Running Headlight Indicator Light
Turn Signal Indicator Light
Lamp Out Indicator Light
Washer Fluid Indicator Light
Windshield Defrost Indicator Light
Hazard Lights Indicator Light
Low Fuel Indicator Light
Hood Open Indicator Light
Open Door Indicator Light

What To Do Next?

Don't be intimidated by all this information. The caring staff here at Oak-land Ford is here to help!

Our service team is made up of professionals who have the knowledge and tools to properly diagnose your issue and present the best solution.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any warning lights that your vehicle has, don't hesitate to reach out! Booking a service appointment will allow you to speak with one of our service professionals and get your concerns addressed.