Sell Or Trade Your Vehicle

Sell Or Trade Your Vehicle

Get an offer in minutes and a vehicle condition report based on live Canadian market data. We'll buy your vehicle for a great price, whether or not you buy from us. We accepts all makes and models.

Sell Your Vehicle

1: Tell Us About Your Vehicle

Vehicle Details (VIN recommended)
Describe your vehicle


Select the appropriate year, make, model, trim and wheelbase (trucks only). Providing a VIN will enhance your appraisal.

Photos (recommended)
Vehicle Details Photos 1


Adding photos helps our appraisal team understand the current condition of your vehicle, and add any options that might have been missed.

Vehicle Options
Vehicle features mileage 1


Select the appropriate options that your vehicle has from factory, this can greatly impact the offer given.

2: Vehicle Condition


Vehicle condition 1


Please disclose items that apply to your vehicle so there are no surprises later.

Warning Lights
Warning lights


Add warning lights that are illuminated on your vehicles dash while the vehicle is running.

Current Damage
Body Damage


Please let us know if there is any current damage to the vehicle

3: Review Your Conditional Offer

Instant Offer
Instant offer value


Our appraisal specialists look over the key parts of your vehicle and its history to give you a market accurate value.

Live Market Data

Instant offer live market data 1


We compare your vehicle to similar year, make, model and trim vehicles live in market to calculate a value.

Ask About Your Condition Report
Instant offer condition report 1


The value given is what the vehicle would retail for minus the cost to bring it up to retail condition and some margin. Ask our appraisal specialist for your condition report to see the pricing breakdown.

4: Let Us Know if You're Selling or Trading

Receive a Check


Let our VIP Concierge team know that you are just selling when they contact you. They will confirm vehicle details and book you in for a final inspection.

Add offer to your new vehicle 1


If you've already found the right vehicle, you can add the conditional offer to your quote with one click. Payments will update automatically!

Haven't Found the Right Vehicle Yet?
Search Inventory and add a vehicle to your garage


If you're still searching, ask our VIP Concierge team for assistance. With access to 11 dealerships and 11 brands, they will work with you one-on-one to help you find the perfect vehicle that meets your needs and budget. Once they've confirmed your desired features, they'll save some vehicles to your virtual garage so you can continue your journey at your convenience.


5: Final Inspection and Get Paid

  • We do a final inspection to confirm the vehicle’s condition.
  • Select a date, time, and book your final inspection or test drive.
  • If your selling, we'll cut you a check. If you're trading, we'll confirm the final amount and review your quote with you.

Ready to Get Started?

Frequently Asked Trade Questions

Our process is fast and safe, and you get a current market-value offer

Understand your vehicle's value and the sales process to get the best offer possible.

No, it doesn't. We help with paying off your loan if you accept their offer.

We take all makes and models regardless of condition, and the price reflects the trade-in value.

You could sell your car or truck in 24 hours, while other dealers or private sales may take longer.

Following the maintenance schedule, providing a CARFAX report, keeping the interior clean, and addressing any damage.

Trading in or selling to a dealership offers fair market prices and peace of mind with knowledgeable professionals.

Most automotive websites using Canadian Black Book or Kelley Blue Book provide similar valuations. We rely on Canadian Black Book for our trade-in estimates, and a software that looks at similar vehicles currently listed in the Canadian market for offers.

The registration, insurance documents, and maintenance history/warranty info is a bonus.