Quality Fleet Care

Ford Quality Fleet Care (QFC) is a centralized billing service that provides a cashless payment solution for your maintenance and repair needs on both your Ford and non-Ford vehicles, as well as parts purchases. QFC is a service that can decrease the workload for those accounts that choose to self-manage their fleets.

QFC Centralized Billing Features

  • No enrolment fees – No monthly per-vehicle fees
  • Low administrative fees (only assessed for payments received beyond 30 days)
  • Competitive-make service billing (for your entire fleet – Ford and non-Ford vehicles)
  • Controlled spending limits set by you – the customer
  • Ford’s OASIS advantage
    • Eliminates the need for drivers to carry program ID or service coupons
    • Displays key vehicle data including repair bulletins, open Field Service Actions, customer satisfaction programs and Ford Extended Service Plan information
    • Provides recent Ford warranty repairs performed at any Ford or Ford Lincoln dealership to aid with follow-up repair needs or service parts warranty administration.
  • QFC Parts Billing Program
  • Allows for parts to be purchased over-the-counter at any Ford or Ford Lincoln dealership in Canada
  • Dedicated parts account code and card issued for your convenience
  • Low administrative fees (only assessed for payments received beyond 30 days)
  • All purchases require authorization by your designated company representative
  • Monthly Service Invoices
  • Consolidated billing statement for vehicle repairs, maintenance service and over-the counter parts purchases
  • Easy-to-read format includes description of performed repairs
  • Website Features (www.qfc.ford.com)
  • MyQFC Management Tool provides the specific information that most Fleet Managers ask for, including:
    • account balance information
    • a list of actively enrolled vehicles
    • daily reports for current repairs and parts purchases to track activities between invoice periods
    • maintenance reports showing fleet’s vehicle maintenance costs and repair frequency
  • Electronic Billing, to view your current bills online at your convenience, can be downloaded to Excel to sort by categories per your business needs
  • EFT payment available for safe and cost-effective payment method

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