Picking up the keys to your new Ford vehicle is easier than you think. Whether you are looking to own the new Ford F-150, Explorer, Mustang, or another other model in our new or used inventory, we can help you to discover your options to find out which leasing or auto financing plan is best for you.

At Oak-land Ford, our financial team works with some of the best rates and term plans available in the Oakville area, allowing us to provide you with attractive deals like low-percent financing and our frequent sales promotions.

What good is a new Ford vehicle if you spend all your time worrying about a high monthly payment. Every day (except Sunday, when we’re closed – sorry) we help car and truck shoppers from Oakville and the surrounding cities of Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, and even Hamilton to find sustainable and realistic financing solutions. Even if you have low credit, or you are just starting to establish your credit, we can help you to get approved for a car loan where some banks may not. Every car buyer’s situation is a bit different, so contact us by phone or email to see just how we can help you.


Many of our customers enjoy the option to get pre-approved for car financing even before they enter the dealership. It takes only minutes to fill out our online form, but from here you’ll be able to narrow down your search options based on what you can afford, which makes it easier to consider in advance which available upgrades, vehicle packages, and extended warranties you might wish to purchase. And when you are at the dealership, the sales process goes much quicker and more smoothly as the credit check and most of the paperwork have already been completed.


At Oak-land Ford, we also offer plenty of attractive leasing options that may be more attractive to car buyers than traditional car financing. Some of the benefits of vehicle leasing include:

  • Lower monthly payments: Since you only pay for how much you drive, instead of the total value of the vehicle, you drive the same car for less than financing.
  • Drive a new car: You get access to a brand new vehicle, which is less likely to require major parts replacements or repairs during your leasing term.
  • Warranty-approved coverage: Most lease term lengths fit within the basic manufacturer’s warranty, meaning that you aren’t on the hook for costly basic repairs and maintenance.
  • Keep your option open: If you haven’t made up your mind at the inception of the lease, it doesn’t matter. When the contract is over, you retain the option of purchasing your vehicle outright, leasing another newer vehicle, or just handing over the keys and walking away.
  • Shorter contract terms: Who knows where you will be within a few years from now. The short, customizable term lengths of leasing allow you to have access to a new and reliable car without the lengthy and more expensive contract that comes with ownership.