F-150 Loyalty

Program Period: December 3, 2019 to January 2, 2020

Eligible Customers: ALL customers that own or are currently leasing a Ford Car, SUV, CUV, Minivan or truck will be eligible.

To be eligible, the vehicle that establishes customer eligibility for this incentive must have been registered or insured (in Canada) in the customer's name for a minimum of 3 months.

The customer is NOT required to trade-in their vehicle to qualify for this incentive.

Eligible customers must purchase or lease, or factory order, an eligible new 2019-Model or 2020 Model F-150, during the program period, to receive the offer.

Eligible Vehicles: 2019-Model F-150 Super Cab & Crew, F-150 Reg. Cab 4X4, F-150 Reg. Cab 4X2 XLT 2020-Model F-150 Reg. Cab 4X2 XLT, F-150 Super Cab & Crew, F-150 Reg. Cab 4X4

Ineligible Vehicles: Reg. Cab XL 4x2 (Value Leader) l Raptor

The $1,000 F-150 Loyalty Offer is not combinable with X/D/F-Plan sales

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